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As I mentioned on the Home Page, this theory starts with two space-time manifolds. One is a 2D space-time smaller than the Plank scale by more than the 50th power. The second is a 6D Higgs space-time larger than the Plank scale by more than the 50th power in light years. At first these two space-times where not united. But since the 2D space-time was smaller than the Plank scale. It had an infinite probability of undergoing a quatum phase shift. That phase shift was what factured its original 2D frame into a 4D framework.
As it expanded and fractured, the now 4D space-time became composed of negative energy waves. Now since the 6D Higgs space-time was composed of positive energy, it caused 6D space-time to contract. This is the start of what Cosmologist call the inflation period. It actually was an inflation/deflation period.
Now what these two energy waves make is a tube within a tube that is at its basic element two waves looping at both ends into each other. The outer tube is what we call a graviton. The inner tube is its SUSY counterpart. At the start, during the inflation period these two tubes where still seperate. But, by the end of Inflation they had become welded together into one basic space-time manifold.
The other thing that transpired at the end of Inflation was that space-time as a whole took on a unique nature. Since the two sub-spaces are united their resultant will manifest aspects of each side. The natural tendency for the set is to expand. That expansion is only limited locally and globally by gravity. But,since, the 6D portion is larger than the 4D portion, the rate of expansion over time will eventually speed up. This is in spite of the fact that gravity originally slowed expansion down.

Now, I mentioned at the start that this theory solves some basic String Theory problems. It solves the problem with SUSY by having the counterparts hidden in 6D Higgs space-time. It solves the problem of inflation by giving an actual means for that Inflation. It explains why 10 dimensions. It establishes why the old theories always came up with either infinites or with negative answers.
But there is another thing this theory solves. It explains why the coulpling constants appear and what they stem from. If you take the coupling constants for all the force carriers and add them together they give an answer from which the actual value of the mass density of the universe, OMEGA can be derived from. That value is 1.1800730144. But, that is not all. the 1 part becomes the value for the viewable combined space-time. The .1800730144 becomes the value for the 4D graviton component. Thus, it also explains why depending upon how you slice or look at the universe one gets different answers. Recent observations have proven our portion to be flat, thus a 1. But, some observation still tell us that more matter is present.

Registration of this Theory
The whole of this theory is now registered at an academic database search engine at the following site:
its index is as follows. 2287. Hoiland,Paul Karl "Modification to M-Theory" Working Paper 27 Jul 2001.
Also Publication of this Theory is in Process. One such Publication it is pending on is that published by the Institute of Physics in England. I am also a registered member to the official String Theory Web page and discussion group from the University of Southern California which there is a link to on my links page.
And a Member of Scope as well as the Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics and the Institute of Physics.

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