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The Modified M-Theory Continued.
Now it is not my intention to make this explaination of the theory into a math text. Some research with math that I have done with this theory gives some interesting results. One is very close to current values determined by recent work with neutrinos. That value is 9.4885^-35 for a mass value. Another is that the mass of the neutral weak carrier,the Z is directly a 1^39th power raise of the energy equivelent of the basic graviton. That being 1.1800730144^-54th for the graviton and 1.1800730144^-20th for the Z.
Another thing I found out was that the problem that most theories have in relation to the Vacuum. That being too large a value is solved by this theory. The actual vacuum does not produce an infinite amount of energy because one side cancels out the other side to a degree that fits observation.
I have also determined that certain aspects of the holographic M-Theory are present within this theory. If viewed from a certain perspective it does tend to make the universe seems like a 10D holographic generator.

M-Theory and where it fits in.

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