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Special notes on current theories.
One draw back to String Theory is that only a perturbative description can be derived, apart from that of D-Branes which by conjecture are fundamental excitations and strong couplings, with their solitons at low string coupling. It was these conjectured objects that were used in Blackhole calculations to probe quantum versions of the extremal(Reissner-Nordstrom) type and proved the concept of Hawking radiation. But, they are limited to that level alone.
Recent work has currently been done on having 4D gravity coupling to matter on the D3 Branes. From this a close relationship has been deduced between 5D Einstein equations and the 4D renormalization group.
This Theory varies by stating that mass,charge,spin, and gravity are the result of a coupling of a 4D Brane with Strings that are fundamentally gravitons(weither changed into other particles or not), to a 6D Brane of the Higgs Field type with Strings that are fundamentally only different in energy type and value. With the 4D Brane side having negative energy and the 6D Brane having positive energy what we view as gravity is simply the manifestation of a distortion in the structure of space-time due to this fusion. The reason for this distortion is that the 6D Branes normal state is not compacted, but expanded. The 4D Brane elements tend to cause the 6D Brane to compact more. Since the two space-times are fused together that further compaction translates as a local and global curvature effect in space-time as a whole.
Thus, GR as a basic theory does explain gravity in terms of actuall effects in our space-time. But, it falls short of giving a viable QM explanation to gravity that M-Theory does. Thus, the reason certain aspects of M-Theory have been able to deduce answers that regular QM cannot.

Special note on varrying Cosmological Constant.
Recent observations have brought to light an issue of the possible acceleration of the universe's expansion rate. The normal mechanism for this repulsive element in GR is the so-called universal constant that determines Omega(mass density) This is what Einstein originally proposed in his GR model. A competing explanation proposed by Caldwell is Quintessence. It involves a time dependent Constant with a Scalar Field. However, the ad hoc nature of this tends to make it a problem to most.
A Constant from CDM and QCDM models more agrees with observation. However, they are dependent upon non-minimally coupled ultr-low-mass free scalars with a mass less than 10^-33 ev.
This theory is modified from this point a bit. It does involve a time dependent Constant and upon mass. But, not all the masses involved are ultr-low. With this theory Omega is dependent upon which sub-space or sub-space fussion you are referencing. For 4D graviton space-time Omega is .1873006590667. For 6D Higgs space-time Omega is 1.18007306590776. For the 10D fussion space-time Omega is 1. Since, observational data is more dependent upon 10D space-time its value falls within observation range. The difference is that now the Constant and Omega are dependent upon 4 masses combined and their individual coupling constants combined. The particles are: Graviton,Weak Boson,Photon, and the Gluon. Only one of these is actually an ULM type. That is the graviton. All the rest have mass or energy values above that range.

Theory Continued.
As for how this theory accounts for gravity. Well, it does so by a local and global distortion effect. The negative energy of 4D space-time causes 6D Higgs space-time to be compressed even more. Since 4D space-time is attached to 6D space-time This compression is expressed as a curving effect on both space-times. Thus, while the carrier of gravity is the very fabric of space-time, the combined graviton/Higgs fields, gravity itself remains nothing more than a geometric distortion of that space-time. This concept makes it possible for both QM and GR to both be correct. But they are only correct when viewed from the higher ground of M-Theory itself.